Platinum Refining

Platinum Refining

Platinum refineries provide an economical and environmentally friendly precious metal recovery service. We buy platinum scrap and separate the pure platinum from other precious metals and waste materials. Platinum scrap such as platinum coins, palladium PD and platinum wire is weighed and then smelted. As the platinum scrap liquefies in the furnace or melts under a blowtorch, flux is mixed in to separate the pure platinum from other precious and non-precious metals.

A sample is removed for assaying, which is the process of measuring the platinum content. Assaying is critical for assuring customers who sell platinum group metals to us that we fairly compensate our customers. For maximum accuracy, we use the Fire Assay and Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP) Spectrometry methods. The X-ray fluorescence (XRF) method may also be used as needed.

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Did you know...

  • Platinum is the rarest of all precious metals
  • Approximately 10 tons of raw ore have to be mined to produce one pure ounce of platinum
  • The main producers of platinum are the former Soviet Republics, South Africa, and Canada
  • All the platinum ever mined would fill a cube less than 25 feet on each side
  • scarce metals, such as platinum, face depletion risks this century because of the lack of suitable substances in such devices as catalytic converters and hydrogen fuel cells.
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